Galeria Progetti


architectural design, Daniela Brasil and Pedro Rivera
Rio de Janeiro, 2007

Galeria Progetti occupies the three floors of a house at Travessa do Comércio 22, in the historic district of Rio de Janeiro. The architects face the challenge of respecting the building’s original architectural characteristics, and, at the same time, augmenting the internal area. The architects developed a white cube, the area allotted for the exhibit, which, according to Pedro, feeds in the neutrality concept in order not to be more important or shocking than the artwork shown. The typical three-floor colonial townhouse on a 100m² entirely built lot, limited by geminate walls and with a single facade, where light seeps through, was functionally divided into exhibit hall in the first two floors and administration area in the third floor. Pedro and Daniela opted to demolish practically all the walls. To intensify natural lighting, to expand the internal spaces, and, at the same time, to integrate them, the architects eliminated the first and second floor slabs at the back of the building. They multiplied perspectives and allowed the installation of a skylight, at a height of 15m, which bathes the three floors with light, in addition to facilitating a better perception of art and architecture.



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