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Fliegende Freiheit


3rd part of a Trilogie for the Freiheitsplatz,
commissioned by Wir*_ eine Grenzerfahrung // Schauspielhaus Graz

in collaboration with children of the Volkschule Tiester & ProjektschuleGraz
concept: Daniela Brasil, Nina Gühlstorff and Franziska Betz
teachers: Patricia Thaller, Maria Rabel and Nadine Reyhani
theater Pedagogue: Lukas Hoscher
photography: Nikola Milatovic
support: OeAD

Fische sind eigentlich Wassertiere
Unsere hängen in der Luft                    
Sie atmen Luft 
Sie fliegen
frei zwischen Wasser und Luft
Es sind eigentlich unmögliche Tiere…
Diese Fische sind Mischwesen
Sie kennen keine Grenzen

Ich denke wir sind auch das Wasser, das wir trinken
Wir sind die Luft, das wir atmen Wir sind nicht von einander getrennt
(VIELE KINDER In unterschiedlichen Sprachen…)
Wir fliegen Wir schwimmen Wir fließen Zusammen sind Wir frei

>> this text was recorded with the participating children, it also included a sound collage on their ideas about freedom, spoken in 20 different languages. The piece was played during their act on the stage in 23. Juni  2023

The project “WIR* – EINE GRENZERFAHRUNG” (WE* – A BORDER EXPERIENCE) at Schauspielhaus Graz has spent two years exploring the visible and invisible borders of our society, working with numerous partners and institutions in the city.
“Flying Freedom” is a cooperation that brings the children’s perspective into this context: How do they perceive the concept of we, how do they experience borders and what does freedom mean to them? For this, two elementary schools from two sides of the Mur River were chosen. Children with different experiences of the city were invited to get to know each other and to visit the other school, the Freiheitsplatz and the Schauspielhaus. They spent a nice and playful time together, shared their thoughts-feelings about “being free”, and imagined how flying fishes could be magic creatures that fly over the borders that seem to separate us.

At the end of the school year, in the evening of June 23, 2023, the children opened the show “Hello Goodbye” at the main stage of the Schauspielhaus Graz. The props were inspired by the Japanese tradition of Koinobori (or ‘carp streamer’). In Japan these flying fishes are made of paper or cloth and hang in front of buildings in honour of children, to wish them a good future, that they grow up healthy and strong. The blue water surface was inspired by Lygia Pape’s artwork “Divisor” and offered a playful sensation of becoming a collective body, or a “temporary we”.


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