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Salvador da Bahia, 2008

Artistic research group Urbanda:
Bernhard König, Carlos León-Xjimenez, Catherine Grau, Daniela Brasil, Katrin Karioth, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Sven Müller, Theresa Dietl

With seven performative-walks throughout Salvador, UrbanDA participants initiated situational dialogues. Languages made of impossible translations, where clichés, sensibilities and affections (e)merged. Re-drawing private geographies, this experiment located and blended some frontiers between cultures, their perceptions and rhythms. Each walk was conceived by one of the members, and the others should walk along. In some cases tasks were given, in others participants were expected to react/interact spontaneously to passersby and the city.

The performative-walks:

The Saint Goethe, Theresa Dietl
Do Bonfim à Boa Viagem , Daniela Brasil & Bernhard König
The white hour, Otto Oscar Hernandez
Comi Salvador, Catherine Grau
Cartotopography, Katrin Karioth
Prove a gostosa, Carlos León-Xjimenez
Produto Importado, Sven Müller




tagged under: 2008 art Bernhard König Daniela Brasil event landscape research

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