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Women’s Stamps Collection


Women stamps’collection: human & earth rights defenders
Daniela Brasil/ Daily Rhythms Collective
since 2018, on going.



This collection started after the brutal killing of Marielle Franco, on march 2018, following the longing for her presence – to extend all the struggles she embodied; and to contribute to the visibility of the struggles against systemic racism and violence at large. The election of the Joenia Wapichana, the first indigenous woman to the Brazilian parliament – in the general elections that followed Marielle’s killing, was the second stamp, a huge victory after an immense loss.

For the occasion of the event Corpocidade 6 in Salvador da Bahia, I also included Maria Firmino, the first Brazilian abolitionist female writer, still largely unknown. With these 3 women, I stamped more than 200 bills of Brazilian Reais with their faces and put them back into circulation, as Cildo Meireles taught us how to.

Since then the collection is growing. In my ecoversities residency in Oaxaca, Mexico, Berta Cárceres and Comandanta Ramona joined in.  So The Americas Collection now includes  Marielle Franco, Joenia Wapichana and Maria Frimino,  Berta Cárceres, Comandanta Ramona/ Mujeres Zapatistas, and last but not least – Angela Davis.

For work with schools in Austria 2019, I have included Greta Thunberg.  For 2020, Wangarĩ Maathai and Vandana Shiva are on the making.

The collection is normally presented in the format of the Empowerment Print Bar in street actions, where people can stamp post cards and small notebooks available for free, or in any surface they feel like.

It has been exhibited in the feminist archive in < rotor > centre for contemporary art, where visitors could make badgets with them. For the Human Rights Day celebration inthe Afro-asiatisches Institut in Graz, the collection was presented together with the critical map “Who Owns the Land?” of the collective iconoclasistas, free to download here.



The project is supported by the Department of Culture, StadtGraz


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