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Empowerment PrintBar


Mobile Print Station since 2017, ongoing

Daniela Brasil/ Daily Rhythms Collective

in collaboration with Afro-Asiatisches Institut Graz 

This project includes artworks from artists and workshops participants, among them artists Katcha Bilek, Kate Howlett-Jones, Tuuli Marjaana Sundén, formers participants of the Daily Rhythms Collective. 

Captura de Tela 2561-11-28 às 21.45.52

The print bar is a participatory project that discusses the topic of equality and emancipation within workshops with various groups, including migrant and vulnerable communities. Out of these conversations, texts and graphic works are co-created and/or re-appropriated into visual messages, also in various languages. Relevant people representing particular voices of change and resistance are also depicted, specially within struggles against racism, sexism and colonialism.The images and messages are available to the wider publics through silk screen, lino cuts and stamps. The print bar pops-up in different places inviting passers-by to print the motifs they identify with. The prints are made in t-shirts, notebooks, post cards and bags, small gifts to spread the word around.









This project is being realised since 2017 in Graz and abroad,
in collaboration with different partners

Previous partners/ commissions/ support:
0803 Bündnis, 2021, 2022
Women’s Action Forum, 2019
Büro der Nachbarschaft, 2020
Staddtteilzentrum Triesterstr. 2019
Grieskram, 2020
Lendwirbel, since 2019
Corpocidade UFBA, Brazil, 2018
Ecoversities network// Planetary gathering, Mexico, 2019
Institut für Zeitgenössische Kunst – TUGraz

Stadt Graz Kultur



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