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Ayüük*Kürbis collaborative chocolate in Oaxaca


ecoversities residency
in C.A.C.A.O.  Autonomous Cooperative of Sharing and Learning in Oaxaca / La Auténtica Chocolateria

November 2019


>> download report here: ResidencyEcoversitiesCACAO2019

*AYÜÜK KJÄ’ÄY – EL CANTO FLORIDO la misión de todas las personas es florecer


we all love CHOCOLATE, don’t we sweetheart? sure, we are aware of the (colonial) paths cacao and chocolate have drawn throughout the world since the encounter between Cortés and Moctezuma. sure, we are aware of the never ending cycles of oppression, dependency and exploitation moved by the global markets. oursweethearts & theirsweatshops.

> C.A.C.A.O, Edi, Areli, Miguelito, they are making a rebellious chocolate to question the system, to resist and to reclaim autonomy. it was an enormous pleasure, an incredible experience to learn with them. AUTONOMIA es una palabra que se ve y se respira en Mexico <pedagogia da autonomia> how much, in which ways can we be autonomous? > lo que ya necesita es florecer. Neruda beautifully said that flourishing is the work of spring. in the tropics I grew up sweating. there are no springs. > what is there to be re/de-appropriated, re/un-told, re/un-written? does your worldmap has the south on top? and/or the pacific in the middle? > in C.A.C.A.O we wondered about the (personal) stories drawn on/in/through the land by our families&cultures, our food, recipes and our tastes. your stories. our stories. which flavours constitute our identities? nascí en America del Sur, mi hijo en Europa, asi como mi papá y su papá. mi abuelo materno era indigena, mi abuela paterna se llamava América. yo soy de aqui y de allá.> in the center of the tables of my childhood there were pots of white sugar. mostly the ants draw a path towards them. my grandmother said if an ant or two would be found in your café com leite, no bother – ants are good for your eyes! I stopped with white sugar in the age of 20, short-sighted > since then I have been struggling to decolonize my eyes and my tongue. my shopping bags. mostly my heart < you? tomorrow we will sit in a Wiener Kaffeehaus. coffee, hot chocolate?
with our without sugar, honey?



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