Earthly Companions


Earthly Companions********a guide for an interbeing (un)learning journey 

Daniela Brasil (editor). Illustrations by Silvana Beraldo & Kate Morales
TUCAN Publisher &  Ecoversities Alliance, 2022  

available in German & English


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This South-up_Gall-Peters-projection_World Map is a guide for understanding how we are interconnected with all other beings on earth, introducing the notions of interbeing* & Earth Beings**. This guide is an invitation to search for deeper relations, with oneself and the pluriverse. It weaves teachings from indigenous wisdoms and expanded worldviews embracing the more-than-human. The map also depicts pre- or decolonial names of bioregions, lands and other Earth-Beings*.
Earth-Beings, or TiraKuna, as the people from the Andes call them, are inhabitants of the Earth that are non-human – the living and the non-living (to our eyes).  They are sentient-beings, subjects that co-create life here on Earth. Commonly in modern society we see them as objects, or resources to be extracted and exploited indiscriminately for accumulation and profit.  Yet, as we know, this worldview is creating a lot of irreparable damage. Isn’t it time to try another way?



Earthly Companions is a map for kids (but not only) by Daniela Brasil – concept, texts, map & graphic design
Illustrations: Silvana Beraldo: cover picture, animals, plants, fungi and minerals; Kate Morales: portraits of people
Proof-reading & research support: Catherine Grau.
>>With great gratitude to Thích Nhất Hạnh, Ailton Krenak, Mariano and Nazario Turpo (whom we heard from through Marisol de la Cadena) and all the indigenous peoples for their teachings on other ways of being.
>> Thank you to all compas from the Ecoversities Alliance, for all the joint learnings & unlearnings, especially Alessandra Pomarico, Gerardo Lopez, Kū Kahakalau, Manish Jain and Sierra Allen for keeping it alive.
Support: Land Steiermark


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