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The Emancipatory Learning Project


on-going art-based-journey / post-doctoral-action-research
Daniela Brasil


This research has started quite some years ago, and it is a learning journey that intertwines my artistic, academic and personal interests within immersive experiences. In the theoretical level, the Emancipatory Learning Project navigates decolonial (Mignolo, Souza Santos, do Mar Castro Varela, Spivak, Vasquez) and post-anthropocentric discourses (Abram, Haraway, Shiva, Braidotti) – while searching for transformative and emancipatory pathways towards the ambitious notion of Earth Citizenship.


In the practice I have been searching for and visiting* learning spaces that are nurturing diversity while revaluing subjugated knowledge forms and endangered cultures. These new learning communities of thinking-feeling and thinking-acting grounded in a deeper notion of Buen Vivir (living in plenitude) are cross-fertilizing in the globe.  I call these spaces Living Learning Environments, or the (new) schools where new forms of belonging – emancipated from biological and cultural separations among native and invasive species, re-imagined beyond identity politics within selective inclusions and exclusions – are flourishing.

I am interested in observing how these counter-hegemonic gestures of resistance and/or liberation are empowering and eventually emancipatory. Can they enable more resilient, relational and responsive forms of belonging within a more-than-human world?


* The slides show field research trips to Thailand and India in the year 2017, where I have visited – among others, the Swaraj University in Udaipur; the EarthRights Foundation – Mitharsuu Center for Leadership and Justice and the Land Foundation in Chiang Mai; Suan Lahu in Chiang Rai; and The 3C Community Project in Bangmod, Bangkok.

Further research has been done in Brazil 2018/19 _ visiting artistic/educational projects in Salvador da Bahia and Indigenous and Caboclo communities in Rio Negro, Amazonas. This last visit has generated the work “I am River, I am Land, now I Know”.


** not either or, but both and more/ in the cover drawing is a very inspiring quote by Vanessa Andreotti, which i came across in the text Situating us – Alessandra Pomarico



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