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Studienkabinett // The School of the We


Studienkabinett der Prof.in Ogẹdẹ aka. musa sapientum
an artistic-research on ancestral futurism


<rotor> centre for contemporary art
30 April – 18 September 2021

this room is conceived by Daniela Brasil for the School of the We
Sprechstunde: Dienstags 10:00-12:00

invited works/ artists:
Nomadic Healing Wheel, Delaine le Bas & Mara Lea Hohn
Seeding Stories: a living archive, Sophie Krier
A Basic Exercise, Ayumi Matzusaka
Really Free Seed Bank, Triple AAA

in Collaboration with the Botanical Garden & Kunstgarten, Graz


// collections of healing plants, magic and ritualistic objects, seeds, stones, plant inks, soil experiments, human and animal bodily waste; photography, collage and painting; books, thoughts, and field notes
// the space can be activated in various forms: seeds-exchange, techniques and recipes sharing, story-telling, you are invited to meditate, draw and write letters. readings and study groups are welcome.
// a video-interview series on healing is being made, to be published soon.




This room is an immersive space for studies on healing practices in a multiplicity of levels; a homage to the sentient wisdom of the plants,  Prof. Ogẹdẹ is the Yorubá name of the Banana Tree, one of the most resilient migrant plants, whose fruits are nutritious, but also its flowers and leafs have special powers.

The Cabinet evokes social memories and spiritual forces from collective practices engaged in freeing and healing the soil, the body and the soul; It  praises healthier relationships among us – human, more-than-human, and with the Earth. It is an invitation for visitors to enter a chaos-world of (in)visible relations, between secrecy, resistance and discovery, across cultures and ancestralities.  It shows paths for healing the colonial wounds, for engaging with learning journeys outside the academic institutions, by reclaiming subjugated knowledges and other forms of knowledge transmission. There are many possible points of entry… and ways of contributing, open to formats and contents that emerge. We are composting waste and creating fertile soil for these practices and inqires to intertwine and grow…



Seeding stories 2

Thank you:

Karla Barroso for the guidance through our shared social memories,
to Otto Hernandez, Yuri, Mariana and Naila, for joining me in the merging of art and life,
Evelyn Tschernko, Rossella Libardoni & Ousman Bah for their gifts,
Farmers from the Lendplatz, for donating cow and sheep dung for soil making,

Ali, Andi and the wood workshop of Open.Lab Reininghaus
InRiCo – Indigenous Rights Collective Graz.

and to the places where I have gathered some of the materials and sentipensamientos displayed here:
Settlement of Tatuyo and Tukano peoples at the Rio Negro, Amazon
the land foundation & Earth Rights Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Swaraj University, Udaipur, India
CACAO/ Unitierra Oaxaca, & the Zapatistas, Mexico
PUC & Open City of Ritoque, Valparaíso
Schloss Kannawurf, Germany


Photography: Thomas Raggan, Daniela Brasil, Alexandra Ganz and Florine Spies.


tagged under: 2021 art critical pegagogies Daniela Brasil exhibition research

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