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Paisagens Integrativas de Palmas



Masterplan for the development of one district in the City of Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil

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Andreas Boden, Bernhard König, 
Klaus K. Loenhart

Graz, TUGraz Verlag, 2017.
ISBN: 978-3-85125-563-8
Portuguese and English

The Integral Landscape Project of Palmas acts as transformative base for a thriving future to unfold-for the future urban development and identity of an entire city and its people. By addressing such diverse issues like building neighborhood identity, economic growth and ecologies of changing climates, a pioneering and yet flexible urban strategy should emerge. The project proposes a landscape based urban strategy – where landscape systems are the base for negotiating chances and challenges for a vibrant city to unfold. The Palmas Integral Landscape Project fosters environmental and economic synergies through systematic interaction in addressing local conditions and community.


Institute for Architecture and Landscape at Graz University of Technology
Instituto de Planejamento Urbano de Palmas
Universidade Federal do Tocantins.

Inter-American Development Bank


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