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Admissions Office – Transnational Guerilla Art School


Daniela Brasil, 2012

site-specific installation for the collective show: Maribor <edu> Graz. LESSON 1: A TEMPORARY, IMPROVISED CONTEXT OF COMMUNICATION. <rotor> center for contemporary art

A joint project by son:DA / Maribor & < rotor > / Graz, questioning the fact that, despite being the second largest cities in Slovenia and Austria, Maribor and Graz lack institutions for contemporary art education.


For the exhibition in Graz, a mobile “admissions office” toured the city to enroll passersby as “students” of the fictional Transnational Guerilla Art School: TGAS. By filling out an application form with his/her main interests and desires, a life-long student card was issued, “entitling” the person to continuously learn from and change his/her own living environment. In the second exhibition in Maribor, an open “class-room” was assembled with furniture and materials borrowed from different local actors in the fields of art, culture and urban development. Throughout the project, more than 200 application-forms were filled out. The gathered information was assembled into a mind map in which people’s desires, interests and ideas were systematized.



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