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Forecast: Turbulence


turbulence > a climate sound portrait
exhibition in Forum Stadtpark
8 -29 november 2014

This exhibition was developed within a collaboration of  ADRIART – Advancing Digital and Regional Interactions in Art Teaching | www.adriart.net & SysSon – A Systematic Procedure to Develop Sonifications | www.sysson.kug.ac.at

SPACE AND INTERACTION // built installation: Float
MENTORS > Daniela Brasil, Nayarí Castillo, Richard Dank
STUDENTS > Ana Sabolić, Laura Nefeli Chromecek, Liberta Mišan

catalogue of the exhibition and recording of the classes/ collaborations// pedagogical approach > turbulence_catalogue_PRINTKLEIN


A floating topography invites the public to an immersive and interactive experience. The space is pervaded by a composition of audible climate data, where sensors generate impulses to modulate the sound, capturing physical displacements and corporeal contact.


„A border between paper areas and empty areas becomes visible and clear, but there is no separation in the space. The space is perceived as a unity. The former areas are no longer a spatial component. More than one person in the space at the same time means a constant change of the topography of the particles (papers). Each person passing through also shapes the space on an acoustic level, by triggering the sensors. More than one sensor is activated at the same time. The visitors also become part of the space with their shadows. Different contours appear on the wall and on the paper, according to the number and position of the people. Because of the dynamic of the shape and the lightness of paper every area seems accessible, which is why most of the visitors created their own paths rather than follow the already given ones. The number of visitors increase the noise, abasing the sound of the installation to a secondary element.“
Laura Chromecek


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