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AIRSHIP.02 – Evapotree
Austrian Sculpture Park, Graz / Austria

“Airship.02 – Evapotree” is now open to the public at the Austrian Sculpture Park. Our team – Breathe Earth Collective was awarded for this years Artist in Residence Program (AiR) in the Austrian Sculpture Park in Graz. In this framework we developed an installation within the fields of climate, air pollution and micro landscapes to nourish the artistic and scientific dialogue with natural environments.

The result of our artistic investigation is the second prototype in the Airship series. The performative installation is purifying air and cooling its environment through the synergetic performance of moss vegetation, fog nossels and a textile sun screen.
Moss becomes central actor in this work, which enfolds an atmospheric ‚breathing space‘. Visitors are becoming part of the choreographic interplay of technical components, natural processes, humans and the environment.
A hybrid furniture for the future, which cleans the air, cools the surrounding through evapotranspiration and produces fresh oxygen to breathe for us humans beings.


Idea, Concept & Implementation

Breathe Earth Collective
Karlheinz Boiger, Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Andreas Goritschnig, Markus Jeschaunig, Bernhard König

Thanks to: Andreas Flach, Tobias Kestel, Martin Knapp, Robert Sarzio, and all helping hands, TU Graz – Institut für zeitgenössische Kunst and Universalmuseum Joanneum

With generous support by:
A.RAUCH GmbH, Green Wall Tec GmbH, Sattler AG


tagged under: 2017 architecture art Bernhard König exhibition landscape

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