game in a wooden box
3 plexi-glass maps of Rio de Janeiro
8 characters
2 dice
120 cards

This game presented a critical reading of the relation of statuary – as the representation and narration of power – and the urban development of the city center of Rio de Janeiro. Players had to collect “Statue cards” by walking around the city center and visiting the numbered fields on the board. They pictured public monuments, classified under the art historical period they were created in and in relation to their position within the urban fabric. The box contained a set of
maps of the city in the years 1900, 1950 and 1999, which could be inserted under the acrylic playing board. Modifier-cards, such as “traffic jam”, “carnival” or “subway strike” would alter the dynamic of streets usage. The character-cards assembled the ones used in Pedestre.

caixabranca est1  est2


this game was developed as a diploma work for the architecture faculty with the support of many friends, especially Marcus Hans Handofsky



defense – mentors and examiners play the game: Margareth Pereira, Flavia de Faria, André Stolarski, Maria Amalia, Sonia Schulz.



tagged under: 1999 Daniela Brasil event work