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Cow Dung Facials


Daniela Brasil in collaboration with Catherine Grau

Marktfest Wildon, Austria, Summer 2014



The Cow Dung Facial is originally an Unlearning Workshop developed by Shikshantar – People’s Institute for Rethinking Education and Development, in Udaipur India.

Being in close contact with Shikshantar and after hosting its mentor Manish Jain in Graz, we introduced the workshop in Austria. He advised us where to get the ingredientes in Indian shop in town healing clay, neem leaves, tumeric powder, etc.  To complete the process we collected fresh cow dung,  let it dry, and mixed properly. Finally we offered free cow-dung facials to the passerby of the Marktfest in Wildon.

The cow-dung facials not only invite us to reclaim beauty and healing processes through a DIY process, but also ask us to radically unlearn our understanding of what is dirty – what is clean; or how shit – a very important part of the life cycle – is normally excluded and rejected from our daily lives.





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