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Multigenerational Architecture School/ MARS 02 Neuberg College


MISSION 2: Spaceship Earth
Daniela Brasil in collaboration with Studio Magic and the Kids

Neuberg College  – Verein für Übersetzung der Gesellschaft
Neuberg an der Mürz, Bahnhof,  Nice and Warm Summer of 2019
with the generous support from Land Steiermark




MARS spaceship speculates on possible future landscapes that will evolve with/ from the Neuberg College, while asking ourselves in which ways we want to learn and live together. No longer abandoned, the train station has been activated for the past 5 years, and where once the tracks line rails  brought the trains in the village, now a multigenerational group of writers, translators, artists, architects, meet twice a year.*

Borrowing Buckminster Fuller idea of Spaceship Earth as a leitmotiv, Studio Magic designed and built the tetrahedrons; the children and other creatures inhabiting the College activated them.

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extracts edited and translated from German:

1 Who teaches learns, who  learns teach.
2 Thoughts can not be locked up, they do not reach an end, neither in a final result (…)
3 Spaces for multiple voices, for contradiction, for mistakes (…)
4 (…) Translation allows practice in openness
5 Art and science can inquiry and complete each other
6 Special attention is given to economy in the way of dealing with means, becoming aware of small and insignificant details
7 The Neuberg College orients itself on the Playful Pedagogy Janusz Korczaks, how he connects protection and laughter in apprenticeship (…)


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