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MARS Multigenerational Architecture School


Faulschule: the inspiring drawing from Lilly

Pilot implementation – Kroneschule, Graz -2017/18
in collaboration with IZK TUGraz/ SchulerinnenHort Krones (Ursula Fürst,  Thomas Karner )/ Studio Magic

Kids: Helene, Livi, Lilly, Jakob,Freya, Lilli, Valentin, Yannic, Noah, Joshua, Maxi, Valentin, Patrick, Oskar, Samuel, Marlene, Elisabeth. Architecture Students: Adem, Gabriel, Janika, Hannes, Melina, Nihad, Phillip


MARS is a long term project that aims bringing artists, architects, university students, children, elderly people to rethink their living environments in face of climate and demographic changes, by collectively developing and building experimental spaces in a multigenerational and cross-sector setting. It is being developed in various modules (or missions), designed for specific locations/ host institutions, and realized through condensed workshops throughout the school year.

The workshops are designed according to the different parts of the creative process ( i.e. research, design, prototyping and building) and the methodology is based on the principles of Education for Sustainable Living, which “involves rethinking definitions of human needs and desires.”For that, in the research phase, the “rethinking process” is opened through artistic techniques on radical imagination and storytelling from invited guests. Real and fictional stories from different cultures and geographic locations are the starting point for inspiring participants to open up their imagination and enlarge their perspective on social and environmental issues worldwide. The objective is to imagine, design and build together small-scaled architectonic objects that will serve purposes set together by participants and the host institution.

The pilot project aimed in creating a collaborative planing and building process among architecture students and school children. It was developed throughout the last 2 academic semesters in the Patio of the Kronesschule, funded by Land Steiermark Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt (eure projekt) and donations from the families of participants. The final permanent installation is a play device named by the kids “Faupe – Die Faule Raupe” and it was approved by the TÜV last June.



Faulschule: the inspiring drawing  from Lilly

the beautiful drawing from Lilly (cover image) was theoverall inspiration for this project: she called it “the lazy school”  – die Faulschule. Basically the kids would live in colorful houses connected to the learning area by water slides. Kids would lay on floaters, and arrive in the big emcompassing school-lake.


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