Daniela Brasil and Bernhard König
Graz, Austria

Our work is committed to investigate and engage with some of the urgencies that the present ecological and social challenges push us to. We understand that sustainable and inclusive futures should be nurtured by enlarging our capacity of re-imagining and actively co-creating the world we  – and all planetary creatures – want to live in together. Besides aligning our thoughts and practices with worldviews of interconnectedness, this website frames our work into the categories of art, architecture, landscape/ research, exhibition, education, etc. Nevertheless, if we meet personally sometime, we will surely tell you these stories otherwise…


Daniela Brasil
Daniela Brasil studied art, architecture and urbanism in Weimar, Oxford, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. In her practice, she tries to unlearn hegemonic thoughts, behaviors and representations, working with the cultivation of Mind Openers, Heart Warmers and Body Mixers. She is a member of the Daily Rhythms Collective; her current artistic and research practices are focusing on radical pedagogies within playful and emancipatory learning processes.


Bernhard König
Bernhard König studied architecture and urbanism in Weimar, Oxford and Zurich and has worked for Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, the Büro für Urbane Projekte in Leipzig and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010). He is currently working at Green4Cities and teaching at the Institute for Architecture and Landscape TUGraz. He is a member of Breathe Earth Collective and founder architect of ecosphere.institute.